Check out Africa’s seven most generous countries

FreetownMore than 2.5 billion people helped a stranger over the past decade, according to CAF World Giving Index, an annual ranking of people’s generosity.

According to the index, nearly half (48.3%) of the world’s adults have helped a stranger and it is the most commonly performed giving behaviour globally.

Over the past decade, the World Giving Index has analyzed charitable behaviour around the globe in a study which has surveyed more than 1.3 million people to find out how they give.

In its 10th Edition, the UK-based Charities Aid Foundation provides a decade’s worth of combined insight into the scope and nature of giving around the world and looks at three aspects of giving behaviour and asks: Helped a stranger, or someone you didn’t know who needed help? Donated money to a charity? Volunteered your time to an organization?

Seven of the 10 countries where people are most likely to help a stranger are located in Africa. Check them out:

Snorkel with endemic fish in pristine Lake Malawi


64 per cent of Malawians lend strangers a helping hand making the country number 10 in the world, according to the Index.

Even though Malawi is a small country, it is well-known for its smiling and friendly people. Most significantly, it is known for its extraordinary freshwater lake, Lake Malawi, which dominates this landlocked country

If you are looking for a perfect and relaxed beach holiday in Africa, the clear waters and tranquil islands of Malawi will provide you that.

The country has 11 national parks and wildlife reserves that offer activities like hiking, mountain biking and birdwatching.

Calabar Carnival, Nigeria
Calabar Carnival, also known as “Africa’s Biggest Street Party


Nigeria is number seven in the world when it comes to helping strangers. Nigeria is known for its natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. People who visit the country are inspired by Nigerian passion and love for celebration. Its Calabar Carnival, also known as “Africa’s Biggest Street Party”, is a that is celebrated annually on December 1.

Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood ranks as the second largest movie producer in the world – right after India’s Bollywood. The Third Mainland Bridge, located in Lagos, is one of the longest bridges in the world.

Although most of the people in Nigeria speak English, especially in the country’s urban communities, Nigeria is home to 521 languages – 510 living and nine extinct languages which rank Nigeria as the third most multilingual country in the world after Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda
Gorilla trekking in Uganda


Uganda has been named number six in the world when it comes to helping strangers. You can be rest assured that 66 percent of Ugandans will lend strangers a helping hand.

When you visit Uganda, you’ll enjoy the African Sun all year round, explore the country’s gift of nature and the cultural diversity that will give you an urge to dance. It also has rich cuisine and unique wildlife

Victoria Falls
The mighty Victoria Falls


According to the ranking, 67 per cent of Zambians are willing to offer a helping hand to a stranger. Zambia boasts of great and wild landscapes in Africa.

It has a bustling area which is the country’s most popular attraction; Victoria Falls. However, the huge waters of the Zambezi provide visitors with ample activities.

Kenya has been on the global spotlight for sightings of rare and unusual patterned baby zebras


Kenya is number four in the world with 68 per cent of its citizens willing to help strangers. In the overall rankings, Kenya was listed as the most generous country in Africa and the 11th most generous in the world.

Kenya is one of Africa’s most distinct and stunning locations. Kenya is noted for its sustainable tourism and a globally-recognized model of wildlife with rare and endangered species.

The adventurous nation stretches along miles of white sand beaches and journeys into dense forests and divergent deserts with iconic landmarks.

It has sophisticated waterfalls living within the montane foothills with cool breezes to refresh your soul in the many coastal towns and islands.

Sierra Leone
The vibrant and energetic capital, Freetown.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is number two in the world when it comes to helping strangers with 74 per cent of its people always ready to help.

Sierra Leone is an adventurous country with exquisite, empty beaches fringed by palms, rainforest jungles with monkeys swinging through the trees, fascinating heritage and warm, welcoming people.

Despite becoming troubled by the history of civil war and Ebola, the nation is fully reconciled and recovered, this beautiful West African country is moving on.



Liberia has been named number one in the world when it comes to helping strangers. 77 percent of people in Liberia will lend a helping hand to strangers.

Liberia was founded by the American Colonization Society in 1821 as a place for free African Americans to migrate to. More than 10,000 made the journey across the Atlantic, aided by the society until Liberia declared independence in 1847.

“Liberians are lively, friendly people and they love to share their incredible culture and delicious and spicy food with their friends and family alike. You will know for sure you have been properly greeted in Liberia when the outstretched hand of a Liberian welcomes you home with the Liberian handshake followed by a finger snap,” the Honorary Consul General of Liberia in Georgia, U.S.A, Cynthia L. once said.

Liberia is blessed with beautiful resorts, surfable white sand beaches, historical/ cultural sites, uninhabited islands, wildlife sanctuaries, eco-tourism parks, waterfalls, bustling markets, to name but a few.