Zambia: African Liberal Network does not support gay rights, stop the propaganda, PAC President tells PF

Andyford Banda

Peoples Alliance for Change President Andyford Banda has admitted being a member of the African Liberal Network, a controversial Organisation accused of advocating for Gay rights in Africa.

The opposition UPND has come under intense criticism particularly from the ruling Patriotic Front for allegedly belonging to the grouping that has a huge membership on the continent interested in pushing for gay rights.

Mr Banda says his party is a member of the African Liberal Network and the ignorance being peddled to just injure people’s reputation without facts won’t take Zambia anywhere.

“We are being attacked indirectly and we shall not sit quietly seeing our characters being assassinated by power hungry and ignorant politicians”, he said.

Mr Banda said he is even shocked that out of ignorance, Kanchibiya PF Member of Parliament Dr Martin Malama proposed a Bill in Parliament to ban political parties that belong to the ALN.

“Why can’t you introduce bills that would give loans to small businesses to access solar energy? I must say that your ignorant propaganda won’t change people’s lives”, he added.

Mr Banda said from now onwards, the People’s Alliance for Change will defend the membership of the African Liberal Network which is the biggest political network in Africa.

“We have political parties coming from countries were LGBT rights are a crime and they are not in the Network to change course but to discuss policies that would help create jobs and to strengthen political parties”, said Mr Banda.

He said through the years PAC has been a member of the ALN, he does not remember gay rights being on the agenda.