Italian Police Photograph And “Defame” Algerians Stealing Luggage!

Italy-migrantsAn Italian police video showed repeated thefts of people it said were Algerians at Rome’s Fiumicino airport and the main railway station “Roma Tarmini”, where five Algerians were arrested and seven others were being sought, while recovering stolen items and luggage.

According to the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, Italy’s state police told Fiumicino International Airport in early October that it had dismantled a gang of 12 Algerians who had stolen luggage at the capital’s airport and Rome’s Tarmini railway station after security investigation and surveillance.

The Metropolitan Police released a video showing people (blacked out) who said they were Algerians with multiple thefts, some inside Rome airport, Rome Tarmini railway station, and others in parking lots, pointing out that they were targeting businessmen from Russia and the Persian Gulf and tourists from Russia and Japan.

According to the Rome Metropolitan Police, theft in the last two weeks has exceeded 50,000 Euros. Five people have been arrested and seven are being sought in France and Spain.

The video follows a boom in Spain that showed a boat with 15 Algerian illegal migrants arriving at a beach in downtown Almeria without the coastguard being able to spot them, after they caught holidaymakers on the same beach.

The publication of videos of Algerians in European countries at this time raises several questions if they have other objectives intrinsic beyond the security dimension, especially in light of the political and economic situation experienced by Algeria for months now.