Mediterranean: Italy and Tunisia to discuss identity


Analyzing and discussing the way in which Tunisians and Italians perceive themselves and the other citizens of the Mediterranean, through their linguistic, religious and cultural diversity, is the objective of the first conference organized in Tunis by the Tunisia Office of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University on October 4.

The conference is called ‘Mediterranean Cousins.

Tunisia and Italy on opposite shores. A symposium examining kinship, exchanges and divides between Tunisia and Italy across time’. A group of researchers for the occasion will discuss their research on pre-modern, modern and contemporary history of relations connecting the northern and southern shores of the central Mediterranean.

Speakers will discuss relations between Tunisia and Italy over time through literature, folklore, art, cinema and music, as well as food, drinks, trade, diplomacy, slavery and mixed marriages. Speakers will include William Granara, Francesca Maria Corrao, Alfonso Campisi, Mohamed Ouerfelli, Ahmed Saadaoui, Leila Blili, Youssef Ben Ismail, Adnan El-Ghali, Silvia Finzi, Gabriele