Tunisia: Ennahda decides to sue Al Arabiya TV

Tunisians.jpgTunisia’s Ennahda movement decided, Saturday, to take legal action against Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiya TV after it aired a documentary film titled “Black Rooms: The Return of the Secret Service of Ennahda”.

“Ennahda has decided to prosecute Al Arabiya TV after airing a documentary on the alleged secret organisation,” Ennahda member Farida Abidi said in a video posted on the movement’s official Facebook page.

“Ennahda considers the content of the documentary as lying, slander and an open act of interference in Tunisia’s internal affairs,” added Abidi.

She pointed out that “the documentary is aimed at damaging the reputation of Ennahda movement at a time when Tunisia is witnessing an election campaign. It is also aimed at directing the voters’ behaviours so that they will not vote for the movement.”

“We reject this blatant interference and every detail mentioned in the documentary and consider it a lie and a slander,” Abidi continued.

On Friday evening, Al ArabiyaTV aired a documentary titled “Black Rooms: The Return of the Secret Service of Ennahda.”

“In 2013, under the rule of the Troika led by the Islamic Ennahda Movement in Tunisia, two political leaders, Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, were killed. Members of Ansar Al-Sharia in Tunisia, which was allied with Ennahda, confessed to carrying out the assassinations.

Nonetheless, person or persons that ordered and planned the killing of the two political leaders remained unknown” said Al ArabiyaTV on its website