Botswana Footbal Association Budget Increases

yb-bfa-paid-arrears-470x282_crop_640x380.pngBotswana Football Association (BFA) budget has increased from P15 million to P50 million, says president Maclean Letshwiti.

Speaking at the association’s extra ordinary assembly, Letshwiti, therefore said it was imperative for the stakeholders to avoid lapses in financial reporting.

In the last general assembly, which was held in August, the association did not present its financials because they were not ready, hence this special one for the presentation of financial.

“We are here because compliance had been flouted and this is not good for our funders, sponsors and the reputation of the association. So matters of this nature should not recur,” said Letshwiti.

“I have always said the regions are the nerve centre of our operations. If regions are not effective, we are always going to be delayed because bulk of the work is done at regional level,” he said.

In that regard, he said it was imperative for the regions to be structured in a manner that they become more efficient.

He said some of the regions fail to submit their financials to the headquarters on time because there was no unity.

“When you talk about the accounts, you are talking about our stakeholders like Botswana Premier League. You are talking about administrative structure,” Letshwiti said.

He said for BFA to meet its deadlines, there must be unity, with every department of the organisation being efficient, cooperative and supportive.

“Without unity we are always going to be exposed to such embarrassment of failing to present the financials on time,” he said.

Source : BOPA