Morocco: 4 Ruling Party Members Sentenced in Murder of Leftist Student

Morocco Police
Morocco Police

In a ruling expected to create major controversy in Morocco, the Court of Appeal in Fez sentenced on Monday four members of the ruling Justice and Development Party (PJD) for their alleged involvement in the murder of a leftist student in 1993.

The sentences included three years in prison to PJD members Taoufik El Kadi and Abdelouahed Kerioul and three months in prison to Kassem Abdelkebir and Ajil Abdelkbir.

The four men had previously been acquitted before the case was reopened.

Mohamed Benaissa Ait El Jid was killed during clashes that pitted leftist and Islamist students at Dar El Mehraz University in Fez.

Leading PJD member Abdelali Hamieddine is expected to appear before the court on Tuesday.

He is held on charges of complicity to the murder.

Prime Minister and PJD chief Saadeddine Othmani had condemned Hamieddine’s new trial, saying it had no legal justification.

The reopening of the case is “unreasonable and goes against the spirit of reconciliation with the past that our country has been experiencing,” he remarked.