Egypt MP calls for secret marriages to be outlawed

Wedding rings
Wedding rings

Egyptian MP Hala Abu-Saad has said that outlawing urfi (secret) marriages is a major step towards reforming an outdated phenomenon in Egyptian society, reported

She said that urfi marriage – whereby a couple is married in front of witnesses but the contract is not registered with the state authorities – is a tradition which has resulted in many problems, chief among which is family segregation.

“Reasons for secret marriage must be addressed prior to criminalising it,” the MP said, stating this should include removing those traditions which make official marriage extremely expensive.

She stressed the importance of making official marriage cheaper in the light of the deteriorating economic conditions faced across Egypt.

The MP also highlighted the importance of spreading awareness among Egyptian families regarding secret marriage and its outcomes, stressing the importance of training both male and female youths in the responsibilities of starting a new family.