Canada to send military plane, soldiers to Uganda

canada-armyThe Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan announced on Thursday that his government would send a military plane with 25 soldiers to Uganda to support UN peacekeeping missions in the region.

Mr Sajjan was quoted by the Canadian media saying the plane would be used to transport troops, equipment and supplies to the UN bases in the DR Congo and South Sudan.

“Our contributions will help maintain the United Nations’ ability to respond to crises more quickly and more efficiently,” he said.

The plane and the Canadian troops will be based in Entebbe at the UN base, which is the coordination base for the UN operations in the region.

The deployment of Hercules plane is the fulfilment of the Canadian Prime Minister’s promise in 2017 that Canada would send the plane to support the UN operations during a peacekeeping summit in Vancouver.

“It takes time to be able to do the proper planning,” he said. “It’s very complex supporting multiple missions, working through the United Nations’ systems to make sure it’s done well and to co-ordinate with other countries.”