French Football Club Olympique de Marseille to Open Academy in Morocco

Olympique de MarseilleFrench football club Olympique de Marseille, also widely known as OM, is preparing to open football academies in the Maghreb region, including in Morocco.

French news outlet Le Monde said that OM’s first football academy outside of France will be opened in Tunisia by the end of this summer. The school, which will be located in the capital Tunis, will open its doors on September 7.

“The priority for us is Africa. We are launching the international program here in Tunisia. In  a few weeks, it will be in Algeria and after that in Morocco,” the club said.

Le Monde said that the schools will convene children aged 5 to 16 three times a week for physical and psychological training sessions.

In Tunisia, enrollment  prices are set at 235 (785 dinars)  per quarter.

Quoted by the French news outlet, the chairman of international development at the club, Alejandro Requena, insisted on the move’s vision of social inclusiveness. He said that OMS’ priority is “not to create professionals, but to train people.”

“This school is open to all kids of all levels. We open the doors to everyone,”Requena explained.