Four-seater plane, built and piloted by SA teens successfully completes Cape-to-Cairo flight

Four seater planeA group of South African teens has made aviation history successfully flying a light aircraft from Cape Town to Cairo in Egypt. The teenagers successfully completed the flight and landed in Egypt six weeks after their departure from Cape Town.

A group of 20 inexperienced teenagers from diverse backgrounds across South Africa assembled the Sling 4 aircraft within three weeks, under the guidance of The Airplane Factory, U-Dream mentors and five team leaders from Denel Aviation.

Proclaiming the successful completion of the historic journey U Dream Global wrote on Facebook: “The teens have landed in Cairo! Cape to Cairo Challenge accomplished! Thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey!”.

During the 12,000 km journey the aircraft made brief stop-overs in Namibia, Malawi, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Tanzania and Uganda.

The teens did not go on their trip unaccompanied, and were supported by another Sling 4 plane, which was flown by professional pilots escorting the teen crew on their entire trip.

The purpose of the historic flight was to inspire and show Africans that anything is possible, Pilot Megan Werner, who is founder of U-Dream Global project reportedly said.

U-Dream Global’s Cape to Cairo Programme is an aviation outreach initiative created to foster visionary thinking, inspiring young people to pursue their dreams while promoting and supporting innovation, technology and entrepreneurship as necessary key drivers for Africa’s development and transformation.

The return leg of the journey will change to include other stops in Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia and Botswana.