Angola Government provides clarification about drug seized in Senegal

Ângelo da Viegas Tavares
Angola Minister of the Interior, Ângelo da Viegas Tavares.

“What we can say clearly and reject is the idea that these vehicles belong to or were purchased by the Presidency of the Republic (of Angola). The Presidency of the Republic has not bought any cars, it has no connection (with the issue)”, assured the minister.

According to the news outlet Reuters (UK) and EFE (Spain) the Senegalese authorities announced last Sunday the apprehension of 798 kilos of cocaine hidden in cars that were purchased in Brazil and that were allegedly forwarded to Angola.

The minister went on to confirm that the seized drug was concealed among the normal merchandise that had Luanda as destination, but whose owner is not yet known.

Ângelo Veiga Tavares then explained that Angola and Senegal are working together to clarify the matter.

Thus, a Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) team will work with the Senegalese authorities on the issue.