Angola is in need of at least 30,000 physicians to meet the demand and improve assistance to patients.

doctorThe National Health System currently has at least 7,000 physicians, among Angolans and foreigners.

According to official data, the country’s current ratio of physician is of one for 5,000 inhabitants, so there is a need for the government to make efforts to improve medical assistance.

In the meantime, the Health Ministry said it has 19,000 vacancies available for new staff, to be filled through a process to happen this month.

The secretary-general of the Physicians Trade Union, Adriano dos Santos, hailed the new admission process and stressed the need to correct mistakes recorded in the last recruitment.

On his turn, the secretary-general of the Nurses Trade Union, Afonso Quileba, said at least 5,000 new nurses need to be recruited to minimize the worries faced by the health sector.

In 2018 the Health Ministry admitted 3,032 new specialists out of an overall 7,667 vacancies made available.