Senegalese footballer hits back at Africans for making fun of his looks

Krepin Diatta
Krepin Diatta and his girlfriend

Senegalese footballer, Krepin Diatta, might not have been so popular until he scored that screamer of a goal for his side during their opening game against Tanzania at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations games in Egypt but that is not what has been of grave concern to him since then.

After images and videos of the player started going around on social media, many poured onto the internet to troll his looks, teasing him even further after it was discovered that the midfielder, who plays for the Belgian side, Club Brugge KV, had an even “better-looking” girlfriend.


Completely surprised and disappointed at the discontent he has been receiving about his looks, terming them as “racist” comments, especially since they have mostly come from fellow Africans, the player has hit back at Africans.

The matter escalated after a tweet by an African model named Nora Pinging, put the 20-year-old player in a position of discrimination after she called him a ‘frog’ and going on to state that she would never agree to marry him even if she was given 50 million dollars.

Naturally displeased with her tweet, which she has since deleted, fans of the footballer poured onto her page to hit back at her calling into question her reasons for thinking that the player did not deserve a ‘pretty’ lady as a girlfriend.

Former Chelsea star and Ivorian football legend, Didier Drogba, in response to the critics, encouraged him to instead be strong and focus his attention from all the negative reviews because “you are very talented.”

Krepin Diatta

Senegal have a game more to play at the AFCON to decide whether or not they will make it to the last 16 stage after they lost their game against Algeria on June 27, 2019.