Mandela did not sell out, we are selling out – Former South Africa President Jacob Zuma

Zuma and wives
Jacob Zuma and his four wives cutting a cake during his 70th birthday party

Former president Jacob Zuma has used his lecture on the role of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) to defend the legacy of the country’s founding president, the late Nelson Mandela, while lashing out at those in the party who are “selling out”.

He made the comments on Thursday evening, when he participated in an ANCYL dialogue in Sophiatown.

“Some people when they are nice, happy or whatever, you hear them sometimes accusing former president Nelson Mandela of selling out. Mandela did not sell out, we are the ones selling out,” said Zuma.

He added that Oliver Tambo, AP Mda, Nelson Mandela, Anton Lembede and Walter Sisulu had taken their place in history, saying their generation had completed the mission they had set for themselves.

In an attempt to inspire those listening to him, Zuma said the setting up of the league was sparked by a feeling that the ANC had become stagnant in the 1930s, and that the liberation movement would benefit from the vibrancy and militancy shown by young people.

“A radical document must come from you, you are capable of doing so,” he added, referencing a plan toward realising radical economic transformation.

Zuma said the league needed young activists with the requisite skills who could take the lead in leveraging government programmes and organic ventures.

“They must be leading activists toward the fulfilment of radical economic transformation [RET],” said Zuma.

“There must be more than just talking about RET.”