Algerian Rapper Waves Polisario Flag at Concert, Apologizes to Moroccan Fans


Algerian rapper Soolking has apologized to Moroccan fans for waving the flag of the self-proclaimed Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) at a concert in Bilbao, Spain on Saturday June 22.

A separatist fan handed him Polisario’s flag tied to the Algerian flag.

In an attempt to apologize to his Moroccan fans, the rapper claimed that he thought that the flag was that of Palestine.

Soolking waved the separatist flag while singing his latest song “La Liberté” (Freedom) 

“I am doing this video to explain the situation for Moroccans. This concert in Bilbao where I sang was organized by a Moroccan.”

“I was given a Moroccan flag, I raised it on stage. Look at the video carefully,” he said.

Soolking said fans who attended his concert were from the Maghreb region, including Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians.

In his apology tweet, Sookling claimed to have not recognized the Polisario flag, mistakenly thinking it was the Palestinian flag.

The rapper said that someone handed him an “Algerian flag and a flag of Western Sahara, I took it without really looking while singing, because for me it was a Palestinian flag.”

Sookling went on to say that when he is handed a flag by an audience member, he cannot leave it on the ground.

“I am obliged to raise it with all the flags.”

The rapper also justified his move, emphasizing that he does not like politics.

The move, however, did not go unnoticed as Moroccan fans took to social media to react.

“If he had given you the Israeli flag, would you have taken it too? The fact that you are wearing the flag of a separatist entity is already putting you in a political debate!” one Twitter user said.

“That’s how we thank people who welcomed you? We want you no more in our territory, you started to ruin the relationship between two peoples!” said another.

The Polisario flag was also ‘mistakenly’ shown in the CAN 2019 official music video, CAN’s organising committee have since released an apology to Morocco.