African child stars who need to make it to Hollywood

Kung Fu kids
Uganda’s Kung Fu kids

Scores of actors and activists have over the years been raising concerns about diversity in Hollywood. But looking at the demographics of films being produced now, we may soon experience an improvement. Apart from the presence of some black youngsters who are already charming people with their talents, Africans are also seeing the rise of their own in Hollywood.

This week, a 7-year-old Nigerian comedienne Emmanuella Samuel landed a role in a Disney Hollywood movie. Others who made it from Africa are Lupita Nyong’o, Abraham Attah from Ghana and many others.

Here are some other child stars in Africa who also deserve to be featured in Hollywood movies.

Uganda’s Kung Fu kids

These children are stunt actors in Uganda. They did not just learn to master the Chinese martial arts to defend themselves but to also break into the country’s action film industry which was becoming a big business in Uganda. Known as Wakastarz, the children are now famous for acting in action movies in Uganda. Trained at Wakaliwood, the Ugandan movie studio known for its action films, one of the members of the group dreams of acting with Angeline Jolie one day. Watch a video of the children below:

The Oguike sisters – Nigeria

Chisom Nester Oguike, Chidinma Nester Oguike and Chinenye Oguike are the new child actresses making it big in Nollywood. These three child actors, who are sisters did amazingly well in “My Kids And I”, a 2017 Nigerian movie. The children acted as American returnees with rude characters. Their father could not even handle them. The smart kids also starred in “Home Alone”, a Nigerian movie which also released in 2017. Watch the Oguike Sisters in the video below.

Triplets Ghetto Kids – Uganda

The nine-member Ugandan dance group has for some time now been a sensation in the music industry with their versatile dancing skills. They became a hit after collaborating with US rapper French Montana in the video Unforgettable. The group made up of all school children performed with Montana and wowed the audience at the Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards in 2016. The group was put together in 2007 by a former teacher Kavumba Dauda who is now the manager of the group. Made up of Ashley 6, Kokode 17, Nyangoman 9, Ada 13, Patricia 12, Fred 14, Ronnie 15, Man King 13 and Isaac 15, the group has since been touring the world with their splendid performances, and it wouldn’t be bad to feature them in Hollywood movies. Watch some of their performances below: