Moroccan Medical Students Claim their Rights with Hashtags on Social Media

Moroccan Medical Students
Moroccan Medical Students

Protesting medical students have launched the hashtag #DoctorsUnderOppression following an enormous boycott of final exams.

One student told Huffpost Morocco: “The students willingly decided to launch this hashtag to make their voices heard worldwide.”

Online protests, particularly supported by reported cases of “threats against striking students, including visiting their homes by the Moqadem .”

“Students were asked to visit the Governorate (Wilaya) along with their relatives and their parents simply answered that their children are adults and that it is their right to sit or not to sit the exam.”

While the hashtag fight is still rising, the struggle between the striking medical students and the government is far from over.

On 13 June, in a press release, the state government announced that medical institutions would remain open until 25 June for students wishing to break the strike and take their final exams.

The government also restated its “willingness to implement the legal and procedural actions in such situations, including failure of the academic year or expulsion of students who have already completed the authorized years of repetition “.

The government, which accuses the “Al Adl Wal Ihsane “ movement in particular of “taking advantage of this situation”, also threatens to “take the legal actions against anyone who tries to disturb the normal conduct of these examinations”.

The achievement of the newcommon hashtag seems to have inspired private medical students in the private sector too. The private medical students have started their own battle cry by putting #ResidencyForAll, which went viral on Saturday.

“These students must protest to have favorable conditions but within their own hospitals to do their residency,” said the the striking student interviewed by Huffpost.