Zambia opposition (NDC) called for investigations into President Lungu daughter, Tasila Lungu’s sudden wealth

Lungu and Tasila Lungu
Zambia President Lungu and Tasila Lungu

The opposition National Democratic Congress has called for investigations into Tasila Lungu’s sudden wealth.

In a statement, the NDC in Lusaka says prior to 2015, Tasila was not known to have any source of wealth.

The opposition party says Tasila should be subjected to a lifestyle audit.

“It has come to light that a secret court case has been ongoing, and a garden boy was imprisoned for having stolen K200,000 from Tasila Lungu’s house. Tasila who refers to herself as a philanthropist (a rich donor) has for a while now been showing signs of having vast wealth,” the NDC says.

The party says Tasila recently sunk 100 boreholes out of pocket in Eastern Province and that she has been handing out donations valued at millions of kwacha in Kuku compound and elsewhere.

“Prior to 2015 she had no known profitable businesses. So the question is where is she getting all this wealth from? How is she able to afford all those luxury vehicles she’s been seen driving in Lusaka?”

“Why is she keeping such large sums of cash in the house, why is she scared to take it to the bank? How about all those luxury properties she’s built everywhere, where is she getting the funds? Where did she get the cash from?”

“Who are these secret donors and well wishers she always refers to when making millions in donations? What interest do these donors have in her activities? How about Zesco, what’s the story behind the transformer oil contracts?”

The NDC says Tasila should understand that the hoarding of large sums of cash in a house is an offence under the Penal Code.

“That garden boy did not just stumble on that pile of cash, he knew that there was significant financial transactions occurring in that house. It’s not even known yet the total amount of cash hoarded in the house, we only know about the small piece the garden boy took for himself.”

It said these are the same illicit financial activities that the FIC has been pointing out.

“Along the chain of money laundering they transfer funds to a law firm and then huge cash withdrawals are made and given to unknown beneficiaries. These individuals all need to be investigated and subjected to lifestyle audits. If their wealth is clean they should not have a problem with disclosing the source of all of this money,” the party said.