Zambia struggling to maintain blood transfusion activities

Sikanze Hospital Lab Technician Constable Bruno Chiyumba taking Blood for full Blood count from Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kapyongo whilst Ass. Superintendent Geoffrey Msoni looks on during the prompt visit at the Sikanze Hospital

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Administration Kakulubelwa Mulalelo says Zambia is currently struggling to mobilise resources for collecting and processing of blood.

Ms Mulalelo says this is because the country has no active financial donor to support blood transfusion activities.

She said this during a policy meeting with health staff from across the country and cooperating partners.

Ms Mulalelo said government is calling for support towards the sector so that hospitals can be equipped with blood in case of emergencies.

She said blood is critical even when attending to Labour related issues during childbirth.

Ms Mulalelo said government alone cannot sustain the needs of health facilities and wants the help of partners.

And Lead Cooperating Partners Representative Ulrika Hertel said cooperating partners will always support the efforts of government in implementing health care services.

Ms Hertel said Zambia has made strides in localising specialised treatment hence serving a lot or resources by cutting referrals aboard.

She said there is need for the country to make every day a health awareness day so that people are aware of the many challenges the health sector is struggling with.

Ms Hertel however called on other cooperating partners to come on board and support the efforts of the ministry in making health accessible to all.