Spain Steps-up Ceuta-Morocco Border Security

Ceuta and Melilla bordersThe autonomous city of Ceuta has been upgrading its security system at the border with Morocco, as planned by the Spanish ministry of interior.

According to El Confidencial, a Spanish news outlet, the ministry replaced 41 DOMOS cameras and 11 fixed cameras and installed 14 new technical cameras as well as a more modern CCTV control platform.

The facial recognition system, whose launch date has not yet been announced, will be installed in both Ceuta and Melilla as a way to fast-track border control and increase security.

The interesting change is Ceuta’s plan to remove concertina wires while Morocco is building its new wire fences.

Morocco’s new fence is a result of the agreements reached with the European Union that included a €140 million investment to control migration.

However, according to El Confidential, Morocco began building concertina wires before receiving the EU funding.

Khalid Zerouali, director of Immigration and Border Surveillance of the Moroccan Interior Ministry, said: “it is part of a project to reinforce Moroccan security measures in the Mediterranean over 1,000 kilometers.”

The Immigration director described the project as “the outcome of an analysis that began in 2016 when we had identified some improvements which we are now incorporating.”