This is how Uganda Female Artiste Winnie Nwagi dressed for the Kabaka

Winnie Nwagi
Uganda Female Artiste Winnie Nwagi

After spending several hours in her closet, the Matala star, Winnie Nwagi, eventually decided that this outfit, a short on one side and a trouser on the other was the best outfit for the Buganda Kingdom Royal Regatta that was graced by the Kabaka.

Winnie was torn between a short and trouser, so she settled for a ”shouser” which is a two in one, short and trouser. The side of the shorts had a wrapper, but given her dance strokes, it also gave way leaving her one leg exposed.

The ‘Fire Dancer’ singer can be excused because Cindy the KingHerself once performed a Paka Chini dance while clad in skimpy outfits during the Kabaka’s 62nd birthday dinner, but the scene was too much for him to handle that he had to leave in protest.

Winnie Nwagi was fairly decent, at least as compared to the KingHerself.

It should be noted that in the Sure video by Vinka, she is also clad in a similar red outfit leading one to pose a question;

“Is that jumpsuit the new uniform for Swangz’ avenue babes?”

These are some of the comments that followed, though the vast majority seemed to agree the outfit was a nice one with others demanding for the contacts of the designer.

“Fire your designer. My diva’s nice body deserves a better outfit not this.”

“Unique outfit.”