Libya’s PC condemns international community’s silence toward Haftar’s forces crimes

Libya FighterThe Libyan Presidential Council (PC) issued last Friday a statement condemning the airstrikes by Khalifa Haftar’s Air Force on Tripoli vital facilities, saying the strikes have become systematically intentional.

The PC said Haftar’s airstrikes hit two field hospitals in Al-Swani and Ain Zara in southern Tripoli, causing injuries among medical staffers and civilians.

It added that the strikes also hit an equestrian club in Al-Zawiya and other areas in the city, in addition to the two airstrikes on two days against Mitiga Airport, which is the only outlet for Libyans traveling outside the country or for injured persons transported for treatment abroad, let alone that it was being used as an airline to send relief assistance for Ghat city.

“We call for documenting the crimes and violations committed by Haftar’s forces. This systematic targeting of civilians and civilian as well as public institutions and facilities is a war crime as per international laws.” The PC explained.

The PC confirmed that it had taken measures to ensure the perpetrators of the crimes and violations will be brought to justice in Libya and international arenas, saying the Libyan army is defending the capital with courage and with respect for the international and humanitarian laws.