Marhaba 2019: A Special Service to Welcome the Return of Moroccan Diaspora

Morocca PoliceOperation “Marhaba 2019” is scheduled to begin on June 5 until 15 September. In collaboration with this initiative, the Tangier-Med Port of Tangier will organize volunteers and set up medical units in an effort to support Moroccans living abroad who return home for the summer holidays.

Hassan Abkari, deputy director-general of the Tangier-Med Port Authority (TMSA) stated that this system, adopted by Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, is designed in the framework of “global coordination.” The aim is to improve passenger comfort and to optimize the time they spend transiting through the port.

In a declaration to MAP, the director said that one of the measures made was to build a bridge that costs 25 million dirhams, which would enhance the fluidity of traffic coming in and out of Morocco. The bridge will divide the flow of traffic between passengers and merchandise.

Passengers are supplied by the Port Authority with the necessary tools and information to remain up-to-date on port data. They have access to a website, a mobile application, have also been supplied by the Port Authority with instruments to maintain up with practical port data, including a free phone number, social networks, and Tangier-Med radio.

TMPA has also created a playground for children, enhanced tailored assistance services for individuals with special needs, and strengthening human resources through support, guidance, data, and traffic management agents.