France Strips Moroccan Man Convicted of Terrorism of Citizenship

Morocco Police French authorities have stripped a defendant of Moroccan origin convicted for conspiring to join terrorists in Afghanistan, of his French nationality.

AFP reported that the dual national was sentenced in 2014 to five years in prison for planning to join jihadists in Afghanistan.

The defendant was arrested in Pakistan in 2012 along with two other French nationals.

It is possible for French authorities to deprive people of citizenship if the individuals have acquired French citizenship for specific reasons including treason and terrorism.

AFP said that deprivation of French citizenship could occur if the alleged acts occurred “within 15 years after the acquisition of the citizenship.”

Quoted by the news outlet, French Ministry of the Interior said that there have only been 13 cases of citizenship deprivation between 1996 and 2016. The individuals who were deprived from French citizenship were convicted of terrorism, including five sentenced in 2015.

Authorities, however, would be helpless to deprive individuals individuals born in France.

The Economist reported in February 2016 that the French government has “undertaken a raft of counter terrorism measures” after November 2017 attacks in Paris.

The proposal to strip French-born dual citizens of French nationality in the case of terror crimes, according to the news outlet, “divided French political parties.”

Some French citizens condemned that the proposal targeted French citizens from North African countries.

“Many French citizens with dual citizenship from North African countries sense that they—not Franco-Germans or Franco-Americans, say—are the only dual citizens that lawmakers really have in mind,” said the Economist.