3 Morocco bodies call for protests against US’ ‘deal of the century’

Pro-Palestinian protesters
Pro-Palestinian protesters wave Palestinian and Moroccan flags next to posters of the US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister covered in shoes in a sign of disrespect during a demonstration in Rabat, Morocco on 10 December 2017

Three Moroccan associations called for a sit-in in front of parliament on Friday to protest efforts to pass the US’ “deal of the century” on the settlement of the Palestinian issue.

In a joint statement, the National Action Group for Palestine, the Moroccan Association for the Support of the Palestinian Struggle and the Moroccan Commission for the Support of the Nation’s Issues said that the stand will be organised under the slogan “the option of resistance and confrontation of normalisation”.

“The stand comes in the context of the Zionist-American attack on the peoples of the Arab Islamic nation,” the statement said, adding that it was also an effort to confront steps to “eliminate the Palestinian cause and impose the so-called deal of the century.”

Since Donald Trump took office in early 2017, the US administration has been drafting a political settlement to the Palestine-Israel conflict dubbed the “deal of the century”. Details of the deal are expected to be released next month after an economic conference is held in Bahrain.

Palestinians have rejected this economic workshop and have refused to take part in it. Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said last week that his government had not been consulted on the 25-26 June gathering in Manama.