Marie-Madeleine Dioubaté, Former Presidential Candidate In Guinea, Gets A Diamond Stolen In Paris

Marie Madeleine Dioubaté
Former Presidential Candidate in Guinea Marie Madeleine Dioubaté

A former presidential candidate in Guinea has filed a complaint in Paris for the theft of a diamond in a Paris hotel that she estimates at 45 million euros, according to concordant sources.

Two men posing as Russians met Monday Marie-Madeleine Dioubaté in a Paris hotel in the eighth arrondissement to assess this diamond. After evaluation, they gave him a document certifying that the piece was worth 45 million euros, according to a police source.

But in the meantime, according to a well-known trick of crooks and investigators, the two men had stolen the real diamond and replaced it with a pale copy, a source close to the file said, confirming a piece of information. Europe 1 radio.

When the victim found out, the two men had fled. She filed a complaint. “As for the real value of the diamond, it is for the moment declarative,” says the police source.

A preliminary investigation by the chief of the gang robbery was opened, according to the parquet of Paris. The brigade of repression of the banditism (BRB) is in charge of the investigation.

Marie-Madeleine Dioubaté, Party of Ecologists of Guinea, was the only woman candidate in the presidential election in Guinea in 2015 won by the outgoing president Alpha Condé.