Tunisia’s Ennahda warns of ‘foreign meddling’ in polls

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The Ennahda movement on Wednesday warned against the possibility of “foreign interference” in Tunisia’s domestic affairs, including upcoming presidential and parliamentary polls, Anadolu reports.

In a Wednesday statement, the movement warned of “serious efforts by certain foreign actors to interfere in the country’s internal affairs”.

The remarks come shortly after Facebook banned all accounts linked to the Archimedes Group, an Israeli firm that is reportedly specialized in influencing election outcomes.

According to reports in the international media, the group’s activities were aimed at influencing public opinion in a handful of countries slated to hold elections this year, including Tunisia.

In its statement, Ennahda which holds 68 out of 217 seats in Tunisia’s parliament urged citizens to “remain vigilant with a view to thwarting these suspicious activities and to not be misled by propaganda”.

Ennahda also expressed its readiness to “engage in any initiative aimed at ensuring fair and transparent elections and promoting pluralism and diversity”.

Tunisia is due to hold legislative elections on Oct. 6, to be followed by presidential polls on Nov. 17.