Moroccan Workers: 2nd Highest Contributors to Spanish Social Security

Moroccan WorkersThe Spanish Ministry of Labour, Migrations, and Social Security released new figures on last April’s foreign employees’ membership of the Spanish social security system.

According to the report, the average number of foreign worker registrants in the social security system in April stood at 2,086,400, which is higher by more than 59,443 newly registered workers, compared to last month.

“The percentage of year-on-year growth stood at 8.07%, with 155,778 foreign workers more than in April 2018,” said the report.

Morocco ranked the second largest in terms of enrollment in the social security system for two consecutive years, with 270,432 workers, which is a notable increase compared to 250,782 new enrollments last year.

Romania, which also secured the top of the chart for two consecutive years, contributed with a total of 352,232 employee registrations, compared to 339,631 in the previous year.

Italy (120,967) came third on the list, followed by China (105,451).

Other foreign workers mentioned in April’s figures, on Spain’s social security foreign membership, include employees from Ecuador (73,323), the United Kingdom (70,289), Colombia (67,796), Bulgaria (64,374) and Portugal (54,409).

Of the 2,086,400 social security contributors in Spain, 1,224,349 arrived from countries outside the European Union, whereas the remaining 862,051 foreign workers belonged to one of the EU countries, added the report.

1,166,994 of the social security members were male and 919,406 were female.

Enrolling with social security programs enables foreign employees to benefit from a wide range of advantages such as healthcare, maternity leave, monetary assistance, work-related injury compensation, and a retirement pension.