Municipal Council of Santa Catarina announces that it will sue Cape verde Singer Zé Spanhol

Zé Spanhol
Zé Spanhol

The City Council of Santa Catarina de Santiago intends to bring a lawsuit against the singer Zé Spanhol due to the non-appearance of the same in the Festival May 13, in Assomada.

In a note sent to the press in the early yesterday, the communication office of the Santacatarinian building explains that the Cape Verdean artist had made a commitment to the producer of the event on how he would perform at the music festival, one of the highlights of the festivities of Nha Santa Catarina, or May 13 as it is popularly referred to.

“Zé Spanhol was announced as a poster, as a result of a commitment made with the producer of the show but, at the last minute, the organization knew that the artist flew to Portugal where, supposedly, he would have already made another commitment”, says press release sent by the local authority.

The same source says that the popular artist does not respond to telephone contacts in what he says is “a conduct that we could not even imagine” and that reveals “an absolute lack of respect for its public, in particular that of Santa Catarina.”

While bemoaning this attitude of Zé Spanish, the Municipal Council of Santa Catarina advances that will activate the legal means and bring legal action against this Cape Verdean artist.

From the internet circulates, since yesterday, a video in which Zé Spanhol reacts to the CMSC statement. In this the visa apologizes to the fans and warns them not to criticize it before hearing their version of the facts. He also apologizes to the residents of Santa Catarina and says that his attitude is not due to any misunderstanding with this institution.

It is to the producer of the event that the singer attributes the blame for the event, stating that he had already failed the financial commitment on another occasion, so that 50% of the cachet chose not to attend to the festival.

Zé Spanhol (or Zé Spaniard), the artistic name of José Rocha, is known for his successes of accelerated funaná, or kótxi powder. In spite of the many criticisms he received early in his career, with accusations of objectifying women – due to several videos of him where the fluttering of the “dancers” and their interaction with them bordered on pornography – in 2014 his theme “Zé di Nhinha sem bo “was considered the best fun of the year by the CVMA (Cape Verde Music Awards).