Angola Secretary of State discourages traditional treatment

José Manuel Vieira Dias da Cunha_crop_640x380.jpgThe outbreak of measles, which has killed 46 people since March, in a universe of 1,900 diagnosed cases, forced the Executive to send 25,000 doses of vaccine and 36 health professionals to the municipality of Saurimo, including doctors, nurses, laboratory and ophthalmology technicians.

Many cases of death, according to the official, who spoke to the press about the state of the disease, are caused by the negligence of family members who opt for traditional healers over conventional treatment.

Unfortunately, he said, many only resort to hospitals when the medical condition worsens, belatedly.

In order to control the situation, campaigns to prevent the disease and promote health in the communities were intensified in order to discourage these and other practices aimed at combating the progression of measles.

José da Cunha said that at the moment 30 vaccination teams are working, which have already given 14,000 doses of vaccine, calling on the population to join the vaccination posts located in the health units.

He added that, considering the increase in cases and the strengthening of the medical team, it is underway the creation of a section in the General Hospital or in a health center that includes conditions of hospitalization of patients with measles.

Measles is a highly contagious disease caused by measles morbilli virus.
Initial signs and symptoms usually include fever, often more than 40 ° C, cough, runny nose and swollen eyes.