Zambian Farmers Are Becoming Slaves In Their Own Country

Farmer practicing conservation agriculture

Lloyd Hanankuni a farmer based in Kalomo said the current situation in the Tobacco industry leaves much to be desired as small scale farmers are being treated like slaves.

Hanankuni explained that some small scale farmers are now owing their sponsors lots of money because of the harsh conditions which come from the merchants.

He urged government to find a lasting solution to the remaining challenges of the small scale farmers who are now slaves in their own country.

Tobacco farmers have said inconsistencies in the implementation of the policies and laws are hurting the agriculture sector in the country.

A senior citizen has called on government to have consistent agriculture policies as opposed to making baseless pronouncements during tours.

Speaking when he called in during the “Let The People Talk” radio program on Tuesday Professor Elijah Ngwale said only proper policies in the agriculture backed by consistent implementation of regulatory laws will take care of the plight of farmers in the country.

Prof Ngwale observed that the ministry of agriculture lacks consistent agriculture policies which can protect the Zambian farmer.

He said ministry technocrats should draft policies that will stand the test of time and ensure that those policies are religiously implemented as opposed to the current situation where the minister and his officials make pronouncements at their convenience just to create an impression when there is nothing on to the ground.

Fodya Association representative Chilufya Chishala said selective and inconsistent implementation of policies and laws was hurting the agriculture sector in the country.

Chishala who was appearing on the radio program with a colleague from Tombwe Association of Southern Province Royd Hanankuni, Tobacco is a money spinner which was being mismanaged in the country as the ministry of agriculture has chosen to ignore the plight of tobacco farmers.

He said the protection of tobacco farmers is in the law which the merchants are refusing to implement and that the ministry of agriculture instead of ensuring that they compel the merchant to abide by the law have chosen to be part of an agreement which abrogates it.