Tanzania State Quashes Ban On Artificial Nail Uses

Gel-Nails-2_1024x1024_crop_640x380.jpgThe government has said it will not ban the use of artificial nails in the country, saying the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority’s (TFDA) assessment has proved that they cause no health problems.

The new decision comes just six months after the lawmakers were banned by House Speaker Job Ndugai from entering the house with fake nails and eye lashes.

Mr Ndugai had imposed the ban after Deputy Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children Faustine Ndugulile raised concerns over the health risks posed by fake nails and eye lashes. The speaker said the ban would also apply to visitors to parliament.

But, in what appears to be a sigh of relief to female politicians and other women in the country, the Minister of Defence and National Service, Dr Hussein Mwinyi told the House that the nails are medically safe.

Dr Mwinyi, a medical doctor, was responding to a question by Special Seats MP Rukia Kassim Ahmed (CUF) who asked: “Is the government ready to close all the saloons in the country as well as institute legal actions against all service providers who are helping women to wear falsies?”

In his response, Dr Mwinyi who was reacting on behalf of the minister for health, Ummy Mwalimu, said the government will not do so because an assessment had found out that the fake nails were safe and suitable for use.

In a supplementary question, Special Seats MP, Susan Lyimo (CHADEMA), tasked the government to state if men who were using medicines for expansion of their sexual organs were likely to obtain health problems.

Responding, Dr Mwinyi said there was no proof of medicines or drugs that did not have side effects when used by men. He warned men against using medicines to increase the size of their sexual organs, saying they were likely to have serious health effects.