These African countries have been ranked the most worried in the world

ProtesterWe are living in the years of high emotions and according to the Gallup research for the 2019 Global Emotions Report, people’s feelings are not on the positive side and some countries are recording extremely higher levels than others.

After an in-depth analysis, the Global Emotions Report highlights the top ten countries in three categories of emotions: Stress; Anger and Worry. The research goes on to share age groups that suffer from these three emotions.

The report reveals that people between the ages 15 to 29 experience the highest level of stress, worry and anger followed by age groups 30-49 and 50+.

African countries were featured in all the categories but many more appeared in the world’s most worried countries making Africa the most worried continent on earth.

Here are the African countries with the top ten most worried people.

Mozambique People


With a 63% level of worry, Mozambique is the world’s most worried country. The East African country took the number one position due to economic issues and most recently the cyclones that are storming its shores.

Chad People


Chad is the second most worried country in the world. The country has a 61% level of worry caused by rapid population growth, economic and food crises that the country has been facing for several years. In addition, the country has a high poverty level, illiteracy rate and continues to suffer from the several civil wars it has been through since independence in 1960.

Benin People


The West African country of Benin, although small, takes the number 3 position on the world’s most worried country. The country’s level of worry is at 60%, just a per cent lower than Chad. They face serious political tensions that cause worry coupled with a huge unemployment rate.

Niger People
People line up for food in Niger.


Niger comes in at number 7 with a worry level of 58 percent. This comes as no surprise as the country has a long history of war, food and safety crises, high rape and death rates. One would expect the country to rank higher than the number 7 spot.

Togo People


Togo is the third West African country to make the top 10 list of worried countries in the world. With a 58 percent worry level, the country ties with Cambodia and Niger. The country faces ethnic and religious tensions that have over the years caused several concerns about its state.



Guinea takes the 9th position of most worried countries in the world. At a 57% level of worry, the country might have a relatively lower ranking but is still above the normal expectation rate. With recurring food insecurity, cyclical drought, disease outbreaks, seasonal flooding, and complex emergencies, the country has much to worry about although thankful for a relatively stable economy.



Tunisia takes the number 10 position in the world tied with Brazil and Togo at a 57% level of worry. Due to conflicts, the country remains unstable and has seen a large number of its youthful population migrate to Europe for better living conditions.