Accused Of Diverting 20% ​​Of Turnover, The CEO Of Vibe Radio Dakar Sacked

Gabriel bartolini
Gabriel Bartolini, General Manager of Vibe Radio Dakar was dismissed

A vibe radio Senegal, the time is no longer at the party! Indeed, 20% of the turnover of the box has mysteriously disappeared from the accounts of the company. This is what the internal audit, commissioned by the Voodoo group of Fabrice Sawégnon who bought Vibe Radio Dakar and Abidjan on January 31, 2019, revealed.

It was Fabrice Sawégon himself who made the announcement to employees this Thursday, April 11, 2019. And the dock, the director general and its financial director. ” For more than 10 years of top management, I have never seen so many management mistakes, ” said Fabrice Sawégon who ” preferred to inform the staff directly before he learns elsewhere .”

Naturally, the first decision of Fabrice Sawégon was to separate from Gabriel Bartolini and its financial director Sheikh Abdoulaye Toure. Currently, Aminata Ndiaye is acting.

Between Gabriel Bartolini and Sheikh Abdoulaye Touré, relations are no longer good. Indeed, the last named spent the night of Wednesday, April 2019 at the central police station. Sheikh Abdoulaye Toure was accused of theft and concealment of material by Gabriel Bartolini who filed a complaint before withdrawing it.

According to a well-informed source, Sheikh Abdoulaye Toure was filmed by the spy cameras in the process of taking over equipment belonging to the company.

Gabriel Bartolini did not want to react. Indeed, LeQuotidien called him 3 times. His phone was ringing in the air. After explaining the subject of the call by message, Gabriel Bartolini closed his phone. He arrived at the direction of the radio in 2014.