Cape Verdean opposition files complaint against Government for not acting on dam

Janira Hopffer AlmadaThe largest party of the Cape Verdean opposition (PAICV) filed a complaint with the Government Attorney General’s Office (PGR), which accuses it of not taking action in the case of the Banca Furada dam on the island of São Nicolau.

It is a work that ended in 2015 and that in that same year registered infiltrations, having led the previous Government, supported by the African Party of Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV), to request two consultations, whose final reports are in the possession of the current executive, according to the leader of this party.

Janira Hopffer Almada was speaking to journalists after delivering the complaint to the PGR, in the city of Praia, stating that the contract for the Banca Furada dam was made in 2011, “with a company contracted by public tender to carry out studies prior to construction and do the building “.

“The work was received provisionally on September 16, 2015. In the act of provisional acceptance, it was expressly stated the reference to the timely completion of the hydraulic tests,” he said.

He continued: “Considering that there was no water in the reservoir at that time, it was necessary to wait for the first rains to do the rehearsals.”

With the rain coming in late September and October 2015, the dam began to register infiltrations, which led the previous Government to contract, in November 2015, two consultations: an international consultancy to analyze the causes of infiltration and also for to be able to have conditions and to be able to ascertain all the responsibilities “.

A consultant of technical expertise on watertightness and stability of the dam was also hired, he said.

“The result of the audit came in April of 2016, received by the previous minister, in a government in management, since we had already lost the elections,” said Janira Hopffer Almada.

The PAICV leader guarantees that in the same month, the audit report “was delivered to the current Government, which took office on April 22, 2016.”

“The current Government has been in possession of the consultancy report since April 2016, shortly after taking office. What did you do, with the report in hand and able to identify responsibilities and take action? Absolutely nothing”.

For the leader of the PAICV, this situation reveals “an absolute disregard for the public interest, for the State and especially for the people of São Nicolau.”

“The Government was in a position, having the report, to determine the responsibilities,” he said.

For this reason, the PAICV submitted the complaint to the PGR, who waits for the “necessary inquiries” and “complies with the law”.

“We wanted to bring this complaint to the PGR, considering that here there is an omission of assumption of responsibilities by the current Government, led by Ulisses Correia e Silva, when it does not take action and does not act, being able and should act to preserve the State and defend the public interest, “he said.

Regarding the content of the reports on the work, Janira Hopffer Almada declined to divulge it, because the document accompanies the complaint.

However, bearing in mind that the PAICV has repeatedly asked the Government to disseminate its content, it has stated that if it does not do so, it will have to make it public.