Former President of Benin Boni Yayi sentenced for illegal purchase of a public building

Thomas Boni Yayi
Former President of Benin

The former president of Benin, Thomas Boni Yayi, has been condemned by the Constitutional Court “for having ignored the constitution” by buying during his magisterium a public building, without the authorization of the said jurisdiction.

“The transfer of property that took place on 27 July 2009 between the Parakou City Council (North) and Thomas Boni YAYI is contrary to the Constitution and the resulting acts are null and void,” the court said in a decision released Thursday.

This decision follows a request dated January 5, 2019, by which the current mayor, Charles Toko, has filed an appeal against the former President of the Republic, for violation of Article 52 paragraph 1 of the Constitution. Indeed, the article in question states that “During their functions, the President of the Republic and the members of the Government can not by themselves, or by intermediary, purchase or lease anything belonging to the domain of the State, without the prior authorization of the Constitutional Court under the conditions fixed by law