Moroccan government to dismiss striking teachers

Moroccan school teachers.jpgMoroccan Education Minister Said Amazazi declared that the teachers who instigated a four-week strike with others who joined them will be fired, days after the authorities used water cannons to prevent thousands of them from gathering in protest before the parliament in Rabat.

“The striking teachers should stop hampering education and return to their work, otherwise they will be dismissed,” said Amazazi during a press conference held on Thursday. The minister gave no specific figures, according to Reuters.

Thousands of teachers working for the Regional Academies for Education and Training, affiliated to the Ministry of Education, marched in the capital Rabat in protest on Saturday and Sunday, calling the ministry to grant them the opportunity to be part of public service. They believe that such a move will guarantee the security of tenure and pensions.

Teachers extended the strike on Monday for the fourth week in a row, leading to the suspension of 7 per cent of Morocco’s students, which account for 7 million, according to the ministry.

“The four-week strike is considered as an outage,” clarified Amazazi.