Exposed! 5 African Leaders Whose Wives Cheated With Other Men, Grace Mugabe Tops The List

Africa_mapThere is additionally a typical conviction that ladies are compelled to stray subsequent to their spouses are famous womanizers… they are practically denied their matrimonial rights and could starve for a while on occasion.

This sold out lady will in this way begin sniffing other men to get even or the much consideration they miss.

We can attempt to apply these hypotheses to the Royal Swazi sex embarrassment. Other than his political duties, King Mswati has 13 wives; one may ponder what kind of a course of action he has made to guarantee every one of them are candidly cooked for.

Being human, it may take him a few weeks or even months to satisfy his conjugal commitments. Maybe this could mean LaDube was sexually starved and needed to have a striking resemblance, may apply to Ntuli Zuma.

Different human rights gatherings hold that King Mswati ought not rebuff the wife or the blundering pastor since he made this chaos. They attest that he has shrouded his unfaithfulness under the veil of polygamy.

With the changing unfaithfulness designs in the landmass putting more ladies on the spotlight, one may jest that LaDube and her group ought not be pushed to the brink of collapse over additional conjugal issues since there is something else entirely to it than only a meandering eye.

  1. Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma
Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma.jpg
Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma

The first on the list is South Africa. Aside from President Zuma’s adoration for skirts, his second wife Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma purportedly had a hot illicit relationship with her bodyguard Phinda Thomo, who later on took his own life.

Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma was said to be pregnant with Mr Zuma’s 21st kid, yet the assertions brought up issues over the child’s paternity.

A letter from “concerned relatives” of Mr Zuma, asserting that one of his three current wives had gone behind his back with Phinda Thomo, one of her bodyguards, was sent to the Zulu-dialect daily paper Ilanga.

This however did not arrive anyone in prison like the Swazi’s case subsequent to the president’s family minimized it to “ensure Zuma’s picture”.

  1. Winnie Madikizela Mandela
Winnie Madikizela Mandela.jpg
Winnie Madikizela Mandela

A couple of years back, in the same nation, Winnie Madikizela Mandela additionally supposedly had an unsanctioned romance with Dali Mpofu, her agent in the African National Congress (ANC) social welfare office, something that mostly added to her generally advanced separation.

For quite a while Winnie was Nelson Mandela’s blind side. When he could see the eventual fate of the nation so unmistakably, he neglected to see her inclination. Mr Mandela himself declined to accept an expression of it. Through Winnie’s trial he remained by her, besotted, unpersuaded of her dull nature by the judge’s decision in May 1991 that she was blameworthy of abducting and attacking Stompie and three others. He likewise denied for quite a while to see that two years after his discharge she was carrying on an issue with Dali Mpofu, a legal counselor a large portion of her age.

South Africa Madikizela-Mandela Obit

It wasn’t as though she had pulled out all the stops to shroud what was going on. She delegated him her appointee in the ANC’s social welfare office; she ventured out with him to the United States, flying by Concorde from London, staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Right on time in 1992, she discovered Mpofu was taking part in an extramarital entanglements with another lady. It all spilled out away from any confining influence. On 17 March she kept in touch with him a letter, later distributed by the Johannesburg Sunday Times. “You’re circling fucking at the smallest enthusiastic reason,” she composed. “The way that I haven’t been identifying with Tata [Nelson Mandela] for five months now over you is no more your worry. I continue letting you know the circumstance is breaking down at home. You are not troubled in light of the fact that you are fulfilling yourself consistently with a lady. I won’t be your ridiculous imbecile, Dali.”

After a month, in April 1992, the ANC let go her from the welfare post and Mr Mandela reported that the marriage was over.

This series of disloyalties in the south of the mainland can’t be finished without saying Zambia’s previous first woman Vera Chiluba.

  1. Vera Chiluba
Vera Chiluba

She was blamed for having had a sentimental association with a noticeable specialist, Archie Mactribouy, prompting her separate.

This is every one of the an astonishing pattern! In the yester years, it was the male society who stole the spotlight graciousness of their meandering eyes.

Be that as it may, this has subsequent to changed with sexual orientation parts being re-imagined in different social orders. Ladies are currently turning the tables similarly as additional conjugal issues are concerned.

4. Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe

Ex-president Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe was said to be undermining her spouse on a mystery issue with Zimbabwean Reserve Bank senator Gideon Gono who is additionally a top friend of the president for  more than fifteen years.

The 53-year old Grace who is 44 years more youthful than Mugabe filled in as his secretary before getting into a marriage. She and Gono allegedly said that they would meet as frequently as three times each month either at her dairy ranch or in inns in neighboring South Africa.

The disclosure as reported in the Sunday Times, said that on her deathbed, Mugabe’s more youthful sister Sabina had cautioned him that he was being double-crossed by Mr. Gono and his wife, Grace.

5. Nothando Dube


News about the claimed shameful affair including Swazi King Mswati III twelfth wife, Nothando Dube, with the nation’s Justice Minister, Ndumiso Mamba, hit the features over the world.

Regardless of all the buildup, “LaDube”, as she is broadly known in Swaziland, is not the only one in this. In 2004, two of Mswati’s wives — Delisa Magwaza (LaMagwaza) and Putsoana Hwala (LaHwala) left the illustrious kraal after disloyalty claim. The unfortunate thing is Nothando Dube died on March 8th, 2019 after a battle with skin cancer which she was reportedly being treated for at a South African hospital.

Nothando Dube.jpg

Senteni Masango, the eighth wife of Mswati, who is Africa’s last absolute monarch also died last year after committing suicide.

May their souls Rest In Peace!!