ActionAid Zambia denies looting allegations

Director and civil society activist, Nalucha Nganga-Zimba

ActionAid Zambia has denied reports that a recent audit has unearthed widespread looting of donor funds at the anti poverty organization.

In a statement, ActionAid says it has been made aware of a social media post containing wide-ranging allegations against the organisation, its past and present staff.

“We would like to categorically inform our partners, supporters and allies that the allegations are baseless, malicious and untrue,” it said.

“We assure all our partners and supporters that ActionAid Zambia remains astute in its mission of achieving social justice, poverty eradication and gender equality, guided by its values, including integrity and transparency, among others, the statement read.

The social media posts alleged that Action Aid Zambia,Board Chairperson Aretha Mwale has resigned following revelations of extensive abuse and looting of donor funds at the organization.

Ms. Mwale is said to have informed her fellow Board members last week that she was bowing out of ActionAid Zambia.

She is said to have expressed concerns with deep audit revelations.

And the Swedish Government which recently gave ActionAid Zambia $4.8m for good governance programs associated with the 7th National Development has also expressed concern at the recent revelations.

Swedish Embassy Head of Development Co-operation, Karin Sverkinthat is said to have expressed concerns fearing that the swedish government might freeze funds until after the Audit.

He also said, if the abuse is confirmed, ActionAid Zambia and implicated officials will be made to refund the money.