World Bank funding in Angola reaches USD 1.1 billion

Hafez Ghanem.jpg
Hafez Ghanem, World Bank vice-president for Africa

The World Bank (WB) financing portfolio in Angola is currently valued at USD 1.1 billion, said Wednesday in Luanda, the vice- president of the institution, Hafez Ghanem.

Agriculture, health and education are the areas where the World Bank has allocated its financing to Angola. This financial assistance, envisaged for the next three months, aims at the social protection of the most vulnerable populations.

On the sidelines of a meeting with the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers, Hafez Ghanem stressed that this new financial support that the WB will grant to Angola results from the trust in the programs that are being implemented by the Government.

During the meeting, the Angolan economic team and WB Vice-President Hafez Ghanem also discussed issues related to the WB’s support for agriculture and how the agricultural sector can grow, and discussed how the Bank can provide support to the mining sector.