G. Bissau ruling party wins legislative polls but without absolute majority

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Donated election materials make up part of the UN support for Guinea-Bissau

The ruling party in Guinea Bissau has won Sunday’s legislative elections, but without an absolute majority.

This means, the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde, will be unable to form a government without a deal.

According to provisional results from the National Elections Commission of Guinea Bissau, the ruling party won 42 out of 102 seats.

On Tuesday, the party concluded a deal with smaller groups totaling seven seats. But this will have to be validated by the Supreme Court.

Two other groups, the Madem G-15, formed by dissidents from the ruling majority and the Party for Social Renewal, reputed to be close to the military hierarchy, have reached an agreement to form an opposition bloc in the National Assembly.

The two won 27 and 21 seats respectively.

But all eyes are on leader of the Democratic Party of Guinea-Bissau, Nuno Gomes Nabiam.

The losing candidate for the 2017 presidential election could play the role of king maker with his five lawmakers who could turn the absolute majority in one direction or the other.