Burkina-Germany cooperation: GIZ offers 43 vehicles and 20 motorcycles

The Minister of State, Simeon Sawadogo received all the keys of the 63 machines offered by GIZ

The Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Social Cohesion and the German Embassy held a partnership agreement on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 in Ouagadougou. Through this act, the German Cooperation (GIZ) donated 43 vehicles and 20 motorbikes to the governorates and high commissions of the East and South-West regions.

The German Cooperation, through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale zusammenarbeit (GIZ), signed an agreement with the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Social Cohesion (MATDC) on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 in Ouagadougou. To mark this convention, the German government donated 43 vehicles and 20 motorcycles worth a total of 721,550 thousand CFA francs to the Burkinabè government.

According to the German Ambassador to Burkina Faso, Ingo Hebert, this aid is part of the dynamic support for the partners of the Program of Decentralization and Communal Development (PDDC) financed by the Federal Republic of Germany and executed by the GIZ which, since 2005, supports the decentralization process in Burkina Faso. “The material is intended for the thirty joint partners of this program at the two regional councils, the two governorates and the nine high commissions in the eastern and southwestern regions,” he detailed.

The German ambassador expressed hope that the material offered will allow the guardianship, represented by the governors and high commissioners of the two regions, to better provide support-advice to local authorities and especially to support a responsible local governance oriented towards the interests of the citizens. “The motorcycles intended for the use of the technical services in charge of the collection of the local receipts will make it possible to improve the recoveries of the own receipts of the territorial collectivities partners of the program.

What seems to me to be a first order imperative to improve the living conditions of the populations, “he said. The ambassador reiterated the availability of his government, which already intervenes in the fields of agriculture, water and decentralization, to support Burkina Faso in its struggle for development. For Burkina Faso’s Minister of State, Minister of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Social Cohesion, Simeon Sawadogo, this agreement will expand the bilateral relationship between the Federal Republic of Germany and Burkina Faso. Capital assistance in the conduct of the PDDC.

“I measure to its true value, this gesture which will undoubtedly bring an added value in the action of my department on the ground by improving in the regions concerned, the quality of the acts produced, the satisfaction of the population vis-à-vis -vis services delivered, strengthening collaboration between state actors and local authorities, “he said. Minister Simeon Sawadogo thanked the German cooperation and made a solemn commitment to use the equipment properly.