Algerians in Tunis back anti-Bouteflika protests

Algeria-protest.jpgAlgerians residing in the Tunisian capital of Tunis have joined calls against a fifth term for incumbent President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The protesters gathered infront of the Tunis National Theatre to support tens of thousands of their compatriots who protested in the Algerian capital Algiers on Friday.

“We were refused, it was forbidden to sit in front of the embassy. We had made a request. Normally there was an agreement in principle. But this morning when we went there, they (the authorities) came to tell us that we had no right”, said an Algerian living in Tunis, Fouad.

Tight security to contain the rally did not deter protesters.

“We said to ourselves, we will go to the municipal theatre to say our word. We brought slogans, we said to ourselves that we were not going to speak, we were going to remain silent by holding slogans to express our opinion. So even here when we arrived, we found a police backup and felt like criminals”, he added.

The peaceful protest was initially planned outside the Algerian embassy in Tunis. Algerians are scheduled to head to the polls for a general election on Thursday, April 18.