Tunisia: Thousands of officers demonstrate outside government

Thousands of security forces protest outside the government building demanding better working conditions in Tunis, Tunisia, on 28 February 2019

Thousands of Tunisian security officers yesterday demonstrated outside the government building demanding better working conditions.

In a speech to the protesters, the coordinator of the protest, Nassim Rouissi, said: “We do not accept temporary solutions; we want an urgent settlement for the holders of academic degrees file.”

Rouissi added that “there are security officers who hold doctoral and master’s degrees, and are paid salaries that are not suited to their education level.” The protests were held in the Government Square in Kasbah following calls by the National Front of Tunisia’s Police Unions in order to demand better professional and social conditions.Demonstrators held placards that read: “The settlement of the status of security officers who hold academic degrees is a right and not a gift” and “The increase in the interest rate … destroys our purchasing power”.