Chad: Young people appear for human trafficking

The N’Djamena Courthouse

Twenty young people appeared Monday, February 11 at the Court House of N’Djamena during a correctional hearing for the crime of trafficking in human beings and complicity in trafficking.

“The law does not leave out those who harbor and transfer people, we have to find these people there,” said Ponga Raphael, president of the 6th special district of N’Djamena.

Among the suspected traffickers is Mahamat Ahmat, the owner of a vehicle used to board 15 young irregular migrants bound for Libya, and Mahamat Zakaria, the driver of the vehicle.

At the helm, the defendants denied the charges against them.”We have only been sent on mission by brothers to ensure the convoy of these young (migrants, ed), ” said one of the individuals.

“Chad is part of a logic of fight against human trafficking, strict compliance with international law and human rights standards ,” said Izzadine Kamal Ahmat, 8th deputy prosecutor of the Republic.

The court decided to send the case back to February 20. The investigation is continuing to identify the alleged perpetrators.

Candidates for immigration to Libya are usually sold to smugglers. They are then subjected to forced labor and torture by armed militias in Libya.