Egypt security services to replace football club president

Mortada-Mansour (2ndL) .jpg
Egyptian head of Cairo’s Zamalek football club Mortada Mansour (2ndL)

The Egyptian security services have been working to replace Chairman of Zamalek Football Club, Mortada Mansour, with a less controversial figure.

The New Khaleej news site reported informed sources as saying that the Egyptian security services have grown tired of Mansour’s continuous clashes with the media and figures close to the Egyptian regime.

According to the sources, renowned businessman and Chairman of Al Mehwar Satellite Channels, Hassan Rateb, is the most prominent candidate to replace Mansour in the club’s upcoming elections in 2021.

The sources added that Rateb’s role in serving Zamalek club will be highlighted in the coming period in order to mobilise support for his candidacy.

In January, Rateb announced that he would cover 50 per cent of the club’s program costs, which his satellite channel Al Mehwar will broadcast five days a week.

The businessman, who is close to the Egyptian government, told a press conference that he would not hesitate to help the club at any time. He has also recently visited the club’s headquarters and inspected its facilities.

In January, the Egyptian Supreme Council for Media Regulation banned Mansour from making media appearances for two months for inciting hate and violence between sports fans.

In September, the African Football Confederation (CAF) suspended Mansour for a full year and ordered him to pay a $40,000 fine for criticising the organisation’s officials