UN Secretary-General Calls for More Support for African Refugees

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, demanded Saturday that leaders of African countries pay greater attention to the needs of the continent”s refugees.

We must get to the heart of the problems for which millions of citizens leave their homes and regions, must address the causes of this forced migration and seek precise solutions, the Portuguese politician said. The time has come to implement policies and strategies to solve differences of all kinds through dialogue and elections, only then will there be guarantees for a sustainable development path in Africa, he said during a press conference in Addis Ababa.

He also stated that the Ethiopia-Eritrea reconciliation is an encouragement to foster peace and economic integration in the so-called African Horn, and an example to imitate in resolving other regional conflicts.

Guterres traveled to Addis Ababa to participate in the African Union Summit, which will be hosted on Sunday and Monday under the theme ‘Refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons: towards durable solutions to forced displacement in Africa.

He also plans to hold meetings with several Heads of State and Government who will attend the meeting, and attend a forum on investments in the health sector, among other actions.