Morocco closes 3 Justice and Spirituality headquarters

Moroccan police.jpg
Moroccan police

Moroccan authorities on Tuesday stormed and shut down three headquarters belonging to the Justice and Spirituality Group, the largest Islamic group in the country, in several cities.

A member of the group’s political department, Hassan Bennajeh, said on Facebook that the headquarters are located in the cities of Casablanca, Inezgane and Kenitra.

Bennajeh said he will give more details once more information is available.

Authorities did not officially comment on the issue.

Members of the Justice and Spirituality group used social media to criticise the authorities’ decision, describing it as “illegal”.

The group is banned from participating in political work.

In February 2017, Moroccan authorities dismissed some 130 members of the Justice and Spirituality Group from their posts and dismissed imams who belonged to the group from several mosques without providing clarifications.