Namibia Bank Windhoek increases hockey sponsorship

Jacqueline Pack of Bank Windhoek and coach Trevor Cormack (back left) with the Saints team that won the Men’s Premier League title last year.

BANK Windhoek increased its sponsorship for Namibian hockey to N$ 290 500 at the Namibia Hockey Union’s annual prize giving function on Wednesday evening.

It will be the fifth successive year that Bank Windhoek sponsors the NHU, while their sponsorship was a slight increase on the N$275 000 of last year.

Jacqueline Pack of Bank Windhoek said they were proud of their support of Namibian hockey.

“We have watched the sport grow, we have witnessed the Namibia Hockey Union take the development of the sport seriously and offer development clinics, and we have seen players advancing through the ranks to become the very best that they can be in the sport. Bank Windhoek is proud to have been a catalyst in the development of the sport in Namibia and witness its impact on the lives of Namibians.

“The sponsorship of hockey, therefore, is a success story for Bank Windhoek because it has come to define how we impact when we give back – becoming a conduit of positive change, not just for the sake of sport, but for the benefit of the community,” she said.

“Bank Windhoek, being a responsible leader in the corporate world, and in appreciation of the leadership role of the Namibia Hockey Union in advancing the sport, we have decided to commit ourselves once more to toward sponsoring the development of hockey as well as the indoor and outdoor leagues for 2019. This sponsorship is deserving and uplifting and adds to the longevity of a proud partnership,” she added.

The president of the NHU, Marc Nel, thanked Bank Windhoek for their support, saying that they played a big role in their success.

“We had a lot of hockey last year and it was important to compete internationally to try to improve our international rankings. It paid off because after the World Open Series in Zimbabwe last December, our women’s team ranking moved up to 42nd in the world while they are ranked 11th in the world in indoor hockey. Our men’s team is ranked 66th in outdoor and 17th in indoor hockey and for a small country with only 2,3 million people, that’s a fantastic achievement.

“This can be achieved if you have a well-run code with a good sponsor, and Bank Windhoek has played a big role in our success,” he said.

Nel said the NHU hoped to finally construct an astroturf this year.

“We have big plans this year and hopefully we will finally have an astro turf at the Doc Jubber fields this year. But we need your input and commitment and as long as I’m here there wont be place for private agendas. We have a common goal and that is to be amongst the top three sport codes in Namibia.”

The 2018 Men’s Premier League was won by Saints, with WOB coming second, DTS third, Wanderers fourth and NUST fifth, Saints also won the Women’s Premier League, with WOB coming second, Wanderers third, Saints Angels fourth and NUST fifth.

The Men’s Reserve League was won by Saints, followed by the X Team, the Masters Team and Windhoek Old Boys, while the Women’s Reserve League was won by Wanderers, with Saints coming second, DTS third and the X Team fourth.